ppl keep dying from #Toxic ” #teargas ” in #Bahrain Abdali Ali Mohd is 58 yrs old

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Video > Bid farewell to martyr by his family and loved

01.02.2012 Abdali Ali Mohd is 58 yrs old, and I am now with his son, standing by his hospital bed were he died a couple of hrs ago Abdali’s son doesn’t want to remove the curtains to see his father becuz he still can’t believe that his father has died The martyrs son tells me ” my father was healthy, he took such good care of himself, there was nothing wrong with him” He says “first they killed my uncle, my uncle suffocated because of tear gas too They keep attacking our house with teargas, I have children, I see them suffocating everytime they attack” son of martyr I went to the police to make a complaint, they said I wasn’t allowed. I insisted, I will not leave, even if u arrest me” son Finally they wrote a complaint, and I still have a copy of that complaint, but after that they targeted our house more” son Besides shooting teargas at our house the also started smashing our car windows” son of martyr The past few weeks my father has been working on sealing all the windows and doors, afraid for our children” son of martyr This past thursday they shot tear gas into the garage, my mother afraid the kids were outside, opened the door” son of martyr There was so much teargas our neighbors took pictures, they said our house looked like its in the middle of a cloud” son of martyr We had to put an oxygen mask on my mother, after hrs my father called and said he was vomiting” son of martyr When we went to my father we saw him lying on the ground, he was not moving, he looked paralyzed” son of martyr When we took him to hospital they told us he needed oxygen, he suffered from lack of oxygen” son of martyr “The head of our family was my uncle & they killed him, now for a few months it was my dad, now they killed him too” son of martyr A troll just told me I sound like a broken record, and that’s wat pisses me off! ppl keep dying from teargas in Its tragic

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