Ashwaq (16yo) after her release from Alkhalifa prison after being arrested n #Bahrain #CityCenter #14feb #hrw #us #uk @un

#bahrain #14feb #Lulu

Now am starting the translation of Ashwaq (16yo) after her release from Alkhalifa prison after being arrested n City Center

Ashwaq:wt’s the guilt that nation’s flower being trampled under feet?in what guilt our faces r thrown on da ground &our;hnds r tied

2 for wt guilt we had to hear worst phrases nd swears,to be exposed to humiliation n insulting of our persons n religion

3 for wt guilt we bn exposed to ridiculous insultion of our symbols?for any guilt we were punished to stand up for long

4 for any guilt we bn harshly treated,deprived of prayer food n water,to be striked by monsters, kicked by unclean shose

5 for which guilt we hand to be beaten on heads and backs? To be let lying down the floor?

6 I personally (sickle celll anemia illness)had tall nd heavy female police sitting on my back,I cnt bear due to my illness

7 for which guilt I let badly cuffed for 3 hrs n I can’t bear pressure:(!

8 for which guilt I be tortured n this age (16yo) nd n my illness that can’t take all this!

9 for which guilt me nd my friends(Fatima & Khadija)13yo be deprived of school nd my cousin r deprived from uni?

10 for which guilt Dear Mothers Lyla,Muneera,Huda,Ebtisam,Zainab r being deprived of their sons?

11 for which guilt our Islamic Hijab is being sodomized? Nd we’re said to be like sheeps and goats?

12 I was told that my body will be taken to my mother, dead?for any guilt son is being tortured nfront of his mother?

13 yes,then I realized the sin, the sin is the truth!the pro-democracy fair,the call to end the injustice and tyranny

14 yes tyranny that put us under the feet of injustice.we felt the humiliation,we thought we won’t come back to life

15 we eye witnessed torture,injustice, mockery, ridiculous humiliation, insultion and verbal abuse, follow this brutality

16 it was an indiscribable feeling,strong shock,we lived as if n a dream! We didn’t expect what happened! We got into da car

17 we were forced to get out,we refused,we were screaming n shouting n panic nd fear, indiscribable

18 they sprayed us with gas, riot police strongly pushed my sister away from us,pushed us strongly n harshly pulled us

19 I was severely hurt,like the sickeled cell illness,we go away,they hit n kick, my Abaya opened n tore

20 within all the suffering I was concerned with my Hijab, I asked them to close my Abaya,they shouted;now u want to cover

21 they shouted n swore: illigitmate sons, I was telling them of my illness,asking for mercy, I can’t bear

22 they responded you should die,will take ur dead body to ur mother.they pushed us down facing da floor

23 whilst thrown down I had no doubt they might drive over us,I thought we won’t live!we were told to not raise our heads

24 they asked us to wipe iur nose with the ground,they were laughing in mockery! U know what I remembered that moment?

25 I remembered our Honor Zainab (PUH) I feel shy when I remember her,shy of her patience,how she suffered all. I cried.

26 after being thrown down floor, heavy female police sat on my back n cuffed me, I felt my soul will come out

27 my cousin told me:don’t overstress urself, they kicked her head nd mine with their shose! I tried to strengthen myself

28 we thank God Who gave us patience, we were repeating prayers and Imam Ali prayers.

29 while facing the ground,they kicked us on head backs legs with their sticks n shose we heared screams of son

30 da son of detained Muneera,she was confused to care for her son,or daughter or herslef!they were all beaten same time

31 we were n da bus,they ask us to repeat slogans,the record with their BB,we cover our face they beat us badly.

33 what happened to us n da car park of City Center was never never never easy! Our Hijab was the worst! Pain can nvr told!

33 what happened to us n da car park of City Center was never never never easy! Our Hijab was the worst! Pain can nvr told!

34 we were transfered to Noaim Police. Stayed for length of torture, humiliation, insultion. I cdn’t tolerate, nd hospital

35 when I asked for hospital female police said: lazy,u suffer nothing! The male officer cared more n allowed me to go

36 I was taken to hospital nd returned at 3am. Others were already taken to da public prosecution I was alone

37 during invistigation we had no access to lawyer.we were there until 2.30PM before transfered to prison cell

38 u can imagin the humiliation since the arrest until Sat night,weren’t allowed for toilet,water,food!

39 we wanted to sleep,but the detention center female police were humiliating even while transfered to court

40 after few days 22 female detainees were released, we remained, nd told for court also.

41 I only was released due to the frustration of female police who had to take me to hospital daily,or more than once a day

42 I was badly treated even when taken or returened from hospital. I asked to sleep n da hospitak, they refused

43 I expexted the charge from the court,others expected I won’t be charged due to my illness. I was waiting my destiny

44 my family were told to hand me for the day of court, they respond that I was sleeping n da hospital, I was re-arrested

45 sometimes I feel worried on my health,study nd beloved ones,other time,I feel comfortable am suffering for my nation

46 I suffered all for my nation, people, by the Witness of God,I kept my smile all time. I restore my life

47 they deprived me of school and graduation,I’ll go back to school,I will continue my study,I’ll graduate with excellence

I just finished translating the seach of Ashwaq 16yo telling the story of her arrest n tortutre!49 parts!I cudnt stop my tears. Retweet plz

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