#BAHRAIN #Holocaust in the hands of the #apartheid regime

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BAHRAIN Holocaust in the hands of the apartheid regime Evening of September 23, 2011 Crime scene Sanabis village west of the city of Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain – occupied The crime of “human slaughterhouse” recounted one of the victims: a Syrian officer ordered them to burn all, and I was one of the victims and survived more than 30 protesters from certain death by burning


Said one of the victims involved in demonstrations in Bahrain pm Friday, September 23, 2011 in the Sanabis details of the mercenary forces in Bahrain, trying to kill them burned to death as stated on the site in Twitter, and he having to resort to a house after he broke into the mercenaries of the village, and embarked on a campaign of mass arrests The mercenaries broke into the house and tried to use another house, but the mercenaries prevented him from going out paralyzed beaten on his legs and then threw him into the Holocaust, and found three young people trapped in the gas chamber and has lost the ability to resist, he raised his hands in surrender, I was not arrested and he and young people stranded with him to try and called a “slaughterhouse” human intentional murder by arson in the gas chamber after that the order to the officer Syrian mercenaries to “Aatlhm .. Kill them” threw mercenaries tear gas and sound bombs directly at young people being burnt three of the young people one of whom is the narrator of this incident, the appearance was frightening and face black, his hair and burned his hand was a reason not to arrest him, and took refuge in the garage of a neighboring home and moan because of the scorched his wounds, came to him one of the women in the home and examined his wounds and entered the house. Resort to a house He said the victim, “that when we all peaceful demonstration, demanding our rights stolen, mercenary forces attacked us with weapons of fire-off” shotgun “banned internationally in addition to rubber bullets and tears thinners Expired and sound bombs and light in the center of the village near a mosque Jawadain Sanabis We came to the time of the open houses for us to save us from the oppression of the mercenaries and settlers from different countries who brought them from Syria , Jordan, Yemen, Pakistan and Iraq to Bahrain to suppress any popular movement’s demands for social justice. ” Inside the house He said the victim “when we turned, remained two of the young people in the outside and after our repeated calls for them to enter the house with us, and we were so 15 young people we have from different areas of Bahrain, has remained at the door from the inside after the lock one youth watching the situation where the door shows the shadows of people on both sides, I told him personally to get away but he refused and was confident that the mercenaries would not storm the house, we did not resist them did not do anything requiring it, entered the lobby of the house open, where was it the courtyard of the session, open space, giving us water and milk to cover our face and protect it from tear gas. ” Mercenaries break into the house Continued the victim “did not go less than a minute until I heard the screams of the young man who was standing at the door, he says to us: Flee .. and mercenaries stormed the house immediately,We moved quickly to protect ourselves from the mighty, so the 7 of the young people jumping out the fence toward the other houses, the young man who was shouting “Flee” entered into the house, we stayed eight young men ran quickly toward the back door of the house and I was the last of them, and the door has two corridors too narrow 3 young men chose the right lane while the other five we left the door We chose spontaneously ” Paralyze the movements, and invite me for a human slaughterhouse? He said that before he arrived the door was kicked by a man of security in the ankle “knee” in the back and he fell on the ground and while they are doing was kicked again on the back went to the left of the power kick, then shocked the view, they’re 4 young people trapped in the gas chamber by the two canisters for domestic use, and there is no way out of the room very small, not exceeding 2 meters only, raised my hands in surrender there is no escape from detention, youth scream at the mercenaries “police” “stop .. stop Do not shoot, we are in the gas chamber” was screaming very loud. Human slaughterhouse before it starts He continued, “I did not know what he intends to do the policeman or what he was doing it was my back to him and my hands arms raised, but I saw young people began shouting” Allah Akbar “and scrambling on each other to break out of where the port, not confirmed, I turn around to know the reason until he was kicked again for the time the third highest back with a vengeance fell on the ground to coincide with the last throw of a mercenary bottles of gas in the room on the ground after opening the safety valve. ” How did the human slaughterhouse? He continued, “I had a state of terror and amazement not aware of them only after being mercenaries for the flame and bomb light and sound into the gas spread in the room after deliberately mercenaries opened gas cylinders, broke out the fire in the hands of one of the four brothers who are in front of me and reflected the flame of it to my face, burned by brother, who I’ve got is heat and flame burning was able to escape few seconds of the vent and hand burns, while I can not mobility because of the one mercenary arms over me, until the bombs went off voice and because of their interaction with the gas impelled strongly become fire priced inside the room burning down my leg one of the brothers, which is attracted the rushes and other pressure on the two brothers managed to break the barrier of gypsum separates the gas chamber and a garage the car, which was by three motorcycles are expensive Began to burn! When caught fire burned a brother That reflected the flame of my face because of the gas is impelled, then hung my face and my head with both hands being burnt my arms and my hands, especially my right hand and felt my head and I could not have myself and stood up quickly heading to the policeman who lit the fire in us, and burnt it was not a mercenary, but Bahraini which surprised him that he is down his weapon and returned frightened out slowly, did not think then why is the decline of mercenaries, which we threw stun grenades. ”

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